Our Mission is to help alleviate the suffering of children stricken with extreme poverty. We believe no child should have to face extreme adversity alone, and no adult should have to recover from their childhood. Each project we support receives 100% of its donations, and supporters get peace of mind and a fulfilling user-experience through feedback and insights as some of the most vulnerable children leave the street on a path through education towards a brighter future.  


Challenge Child Poverty helps children all over the world to escape a life of poverty, access education and enjoy the chance of a better future. We recognise the difficulties and specific challenges of providing support to communities which may be geographically and culturally remote from our own, and have set up our charity to work with local projects in order to deliver targeted support. The added benefit of working in this way is that we are able to provide valuable financial aid to local organisations who struggle to receive funds because of political or economic difficulties in country. Our platform raises funds which are channelled to carefully vetted local enterprises which are best placed to provide on the ground support. 


All of our fundraising is linked to sporting challenges which we stage to raise both funds and awareness for the charity. Operational costs are covered by ticket sales, and with no paid employees, this means we are able to pledge 100% of all donations to our charity partners globally, supporting children off the streets and into education. 



Will save save One child off the streets and cover their basic needs for 1 month.


Will send Three children to school for 3 months.


Enable projects like Amari Uganda to pay for the basic needs of Ten homeless children for 1 month.


Gives one Junior child access to 5 years of education.


Will home and feed 40 homeless children for 1 month.

For Every £1 you raise £1 will go directly to saving children from extreme poverty.


4000km run

across africa

Our Founder is preparing to run across Africa in January to raise money for homeless children. Covering a total of 2500 Miles He will have to run more than a marathon a day without a rest to cross Africa in 90 days. To put it in perspective that is like running the length of Great Britain three times. If that was not hard enough temperatures will soar well over 40 degrees other dangers include wildlife and disease....Read more

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Registered Charity Number: 1184302 (England and Wales)


We are run by volunteers and 100% of our Donations goes to fighting extreme child poverty

We cover Our operational costs by selling tickets to our 24 hour running events.