Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q How do I reserve a pitch?

Camping will be on a first come first serve basis and there is plenty of room so

there is no need to reserve a pitch

Q How can I be sure I can camp next to teammates?

Arrive early and together to enable you can get a pitch next to each other, the camping area is huge so you should be fine.


Q How big will the pitches be?

Each pitch will be 15 squared metres. 


Q Are my family and friends able to camp for the weekend as well?

Your friends and family can also camp for a cost of £3 per tent and £1 per vehicle. This is to

cover what the venue charge us. If you are entered in the event your camping

is free.


Q Will there be onsite ablutions?

Yes, toilets and showers will be provided


Q Can I bring a motor home?

You can bring a motor home into the camping area but please note that it is a

field without surfaced roads or tracks so if we have a lot of rain access and

exit may become difficult.


Q Is there any electrical hook – ups?

No there are no electric hook ups on site.


Q Can I bring my dog/s?

Dogs are welcome on the event and camping field, but must be supervised

and on the lead at all times. Please note that you


take dogs around the

racecourse because the route passes through farmland and a deer park.



Q Will we be able to visit the Castle on the race weekend?

Unfortunately the Castle is closed to visitors unless you are a registered

guest. You are welcome to enjoy the grounds and surrounding walks but

please respect the privacy of Powderham’s paying guests


Q How will I find Powderham’s campsite?

There will be signs up and people to direct you to the campsite on Friday

evening and Saturday morning.


Q How far is Powderham Castle from Exeter?

The Castle is 9 miles from Exeter train station, and 10 miles from the airport.

There are directions to the castle on their website




Q How close is the nearest town with food and running supplies?

Exeter is less than ten miles from the castle. There are also shops in Kenton a

few minutes walk away including the Powderham farm shop.



Q Do I need to bring food supplies with me for the whole weekend?

You are welcome to do this if you wish, however, the Powderham Farm Shop

is next to the event site and open until 17:00 on Friday and Saturday and

16:00 on Sunday. We will also have food vendors offering a variety of warm

wholesome foods for you and your supporters.



Q What time does the Conquer 24 Race start?

•Conquer24 – 12:00 Sat to 12:00 Sun

•Daytime 5 miles – 12:00 Sat

•Evening 5 miles – 21:00 Sat

•Kids fun run – 10:00 Sat


Q What if I or my team mates are late?

The clock starts ticking on the main race at 12:00 on Saturday. Your race

number/bib holds a timing chip that records your laps on the circuit so as long

as one of your team starts on time your team’s collective time won’t be



Q On average, how long will each running circuit take?

It depends completely on your running speed. The course is five miles long

and there are a lot of pace calculators online that will help you measure loop

times. These are links to some of the calculators we use:


Run smart project


Q Is it possible to register on the day for the race events?

Yes if we have places still available although we expect to be sold out.


Q Where do I go to collect my number?

There will be a registration table on Saturday morning where you can collect

your race pack. Team packs will be together so that only one person needs to

collect them.


Q When can I collect my entry or will it be posted to me?

You can collect your entry pack on the day. We will not be posting race packs

out beforehand. If you are running in a team the team leader can collect all of

the packs at once.


Q What happens if I’m not well on the day – will my team be


If you are not well please do not run. If you are part of a team the other

members can all continue to take part and the team will still receive a

collective distance.

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