Children facing Heartbreaking adversities...

Siranje is 10 years old and has lived on the streets of Mbale town in Eastern Uganda for one month. He arrived in Mbale from Napanga Village, along with his one older brother. After the death of his father, Siranje`s mother started mistreating him and his brother.

The arrival of another man meant she wanted them out of the house so she could remarry. Siranje’s mother subjected both her sons to beatings and poured hot water on them. Unable to deal with the constant mistreatment, Siranje decided to leave the family home and seek a better life elsewhere. Later, his brother joined him on the streets.

Sadly for Siranje, he hasn’t yet found the better life he was looking for. He reports that that in the night while sleeping on the streets, police come to chase and beat him and his brother. He has started using drugs to cope with the trauma of his situation. However, he remains hopeful for the future. 


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