Day Twenty Four

Day 24 – 9 February 2020

Woke after a bad night’s sleep. Apparently I was restless and shouting in my sleep, no doubt as a result of the utter chaos at the border last night. I’m devastated to have lost our cook, and the madness of our border experience was so stressful. Everyone was feeling a bit down this morning, but we set off to our first checkpoint (at the border!) 13 miles away. We managed to change our Tanzanian shillings into the required dollars to cross at the border, but not without some difficulty. It's so hard to explain to people what we’re doing. Our vehicle is from Uganda, our driver is Ugandan, we’re from England and we’re running across the continent; it’s a lot for people to get their heads around. In a frustrating hitch, our vehicle’s log book contained some errors (the fuel type, engine number and even colour were wrong, as so much work had been done to the vehicle without the log book being updated). Luckily, clearance was finally obtained via a long process to get the required details updated and we crossed into Zambia with a mixture of intense frustration and relief. By this time it was 2030 so we found the nearest hotel and got our heads down for the night.

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