From Nothing Amari FC Was Formed...

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

As part of a volunteering project, Steven Crompton and Jacob Blackwell spent time working with Amari Uganda, helping the children there to form the charity’s first football team.


Amari Uganda works tirelessly to help get children off the streets and to provide them with a secure environment safe from the dangers they experienced sleeping rough.

The charity has a strong focus on sports, with football and athletics two key ways they help children to develop talents and build confidence, giving them increased resilience skills and increasing their chances of staying off the streets.


Steven and Jacob thoroughly enjoyed helping to form Amari Uganda’s first football club, and the children were thrilled with their new football strips. Many of these children have spent their whole lives in extreme poverty, facing huge challenges and encountering cruelty, brutality and in some cases, torture. They were thrilled to be part of Amari FC and so proud to wear their football uniforms.


Being part of a sporting team provides many opportunities for the children to learn valuable skills such as teamwork, organisation and communication, as well as helping to develop their sporting abilities.


The charity are in need of a new home, and are currently looking for land where they can build a new compound. 

Amari Uganda rescues children from the streets and provides them with a secure environment, food and clothes, using football and athletics to develop talents. The charity then work hard to find each child a sponsor so they can attend school.  

More information about Amari Uganda can be found here.

Amari FC


Registered Charity Number: 1184302 (England and Wales)


We are run by volunteers and 100% of our Donations goes to fighting extreme child poverty

We cover Our operational costs by selling tickets to our 24 hour running events.