Saved On Street Build A Rehabilitation Centre

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Centre to help children overcome traumas and learn valuable skills to become a valued member of the community.

Samuel Sekitto and Saved On Street have been working within the communities in the Luwero district to prevent children living in extreme poverty escaping and joining the street life.

We empower children with skills and education to help them escape poverty and become a valuable member of the community.

Ex street child Samuel Sekitto knows only too well what street life is like and how difficult it is to escape, By identifying children that is likely to end up joining the street life and using preventable measures sam is making sure less children from the rural areas end up taking up the street life, Saved on Street is supporting many children back into education where families can not afford for there children to go to school.

Sam and his team are always looking to develop new methods to prevent children facing poverty. The traumatic lifestyle of street life can have a terrible impact on a child's future by preventing children from reaching the streets Sam is saving many lives.

Saved on Street are currently building a rehabilitation centre, Somewhere the children can overcome traumas and learn valuable life skills to become a valued member of society.

We will be supporting Saved on Street by sponsoring children to go to school and giving them a chance to escape poverty.


Registered Charity Number: 1184302 (England and Wales)


We are run by volunteers and 100% of our Donations goes to fighting extreme child poverty

We cover Our operational costs by selling tickets to our 24 hour running events.